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We are committed to providing our students with the best possible chance to succeed. We feel that education levels the playing field for all. We provide high-quality teachers and a rigorous course of study that prepares students for their compulsory test in the 8th grade.

After the test, we provide an opportunity for students to attend boarding school, when funds are available. One of our short-term goals is to build a high school. If students do not test high enough to attend boarding school, we ensure that they are taught a trade so they will have a bright and sustainable future. We would love to provide a college education for our students upon boarding school graduation; currently funding is not available for us to do so. We are hopeful that in time this will be a promise we can commit to for each of our students.

The approximate costs for school per year are as follows:

Primary/elementary program per year: $720 USD
Boarding schools per year: tuition varies between $500-$1,400 USD
University program per semester: cost $3,000 USD
We also provide transportation supplies and support for boarding school students.
Some recent successes include:
The Okari School tested 3rd out of 168 schools in the region
18/18 students passed the exam to further their education
Our students won the honor of singing for the Prime Minister
500 students remain on the waiting list to get into our school

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